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Pricing 101


This class is for you if 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 🤍You’re afraid to tell your clients the real price they should pay for the beautiful cake they are ordering from you 🤍You beat yourself up after spending so much time baking and decorating a cake because your pockets are not reflecting the time spent 🤍Your clients constantly ask for discounts, making you feel that your cakes worth far less and make you question your skill 🤍That inner conviction that you should charge more for your excellent skills is screaming for help I will teach you 👇🏼 1. Why you need to make profit from your cakes 2. How negative thoughts influence your pricing and how to overcome those thoughts. 3. Key factors that determine your cake pricing depending on your area 4. How to use these factors to arrive at a profitable price for your cakes. 5. My business formula developed over the years for calculating the cost price and the profitable selling price Let me to help you turn your hobby into a profitable and successful business using the formula I have developed that has turned my at at home business into a six figure income! Now is the time to invest in yourself!

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